Welcome to Performance Trampoline & DMT Academy

 1st October 2018
Performance Trampoline & DMT Academy was founded and launched by Julie Belchamber on 1st October 2018. It is a brand new and exciting competitive trampoline club, offering opportunities to learn to trampoline in a safe and effective environment. All our coaches are qualified with British Gymnastics, have Safeguarding and Child Protection training, first aid training and are DBS checked
Our aim is to support all our gymnasts in accomplishing their own goals, whether they are building confidence and learning a somersault or to compete at a national level our coaches will support and encourage you to achieve your goals
Who are we?
Performance Trampoline & DMT Academy is an elite trampoline club based in Lancing, West Sussex. The club is founded by Julie Belchamber whom is passionate and excited to share her knowledge and experience with you. Julie competed Trampoline Gymnastics since a young age to a national performance level, she is a Senior Club Coach with over 25 years coaching experience and can’t wait to welcome you to this new and exciting club
What do we offer?
We offer trampoline classes for club starters, and full training programs for competitive trampoline training and competitive double mini trampoline training, providing opportunities and support at competitions and events locally and around the country
We have 4 hours a week available for recreational classes and up to 14 hours a week for competitive squad training, including 2 hours of DMT classes
When are the classes?
I am delighted to advise the following available sessions:
New Club Starters:
• Mondays 4-5pm (1 hr)
• Tuesdays 4-5pm (1 hr)
• Wednesdays 4-5pm (1 hr)
• Thursdays 4-5pm (1 hr)
Trampoline Squad Training Sessions:
• Mondays 5-7.30pm (2.5 hrs)
• Tuesdays 5-9pm (2-4 hrs)
• Wednesdays 5-9pm (2-4 hrs)
• Thursdays 5-9pm (2-4 hrs)
Double Mini Trampoline (DMT) Squad Training Sessions:
• Tuesdays 5-6pm (1 hr)
• Thursday 6.30-8pm (1.5 hrs)
Where are the classes?
Classes are all held in
Lancing Manor Leisure Centre, Manor Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 0PH
How much are the classes?
*prices valid 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020
All 1-hour a week classes are from just *£33.00 monthly. Please enquire for the cost of more than one 1-hour class/training per week, this includes sibling hours added together. All classes run for circa 48 weeks per year – information and a full price structure can be emailed on request
Club Annual Membership Fee (1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020) is *£37.00 per member, this is due on booking and each September
Please contact Julie Belchamber on phone/text 07795805440 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm available spaces before making a booking payment
All members are required to become a member of British Gymnastics. This can be processed through their website https://www.british-gymnastics.org following the 2019/20 Membership – ‘Join for the first time’. Please select club Performance Trampoline & DMT Academy – BG Membership required for new members costs just £19.00 Bronze Gymnast
Club members are required to become centre members of Lancing Manor Leisure Centre, this is free for all our members
If you have any questions, please ask Julie Belchamber by phone/text 07795805440 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Look forward to welcoming you to the club very soon
   Julie Belchamber
   Club Founder & Head Coach
   Senior Club Coach for Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline
   National Judge for Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline
   Sussex Trampoline Chairperson
   Sussex Gymnastics Vice-Chairperson
British Gymnastics registered Club - Reg Number 91203


If you are interested in joining any of our Classes please contact Julie Belchamber on 07795805440 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.